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Kimba Stroller Is Here & My New Dyson Animal Vacuum!

Well there are a ton of pictures in this post because I didn’t do one when we got back from Chatham last night. We didn’t get in until about 10:30pm and I was too tired to post pictures and blog.

So we had a good visit with grandma and grandpa S. When we got there they were actually just on their way out the door so we went with them. We went for dinner as well and it was really nice!

I noticed on the car trip to C-town that A was jumpy and would cry. J actually had to take him out of his car seat at Timmy’s because he went right off colour. I knew that his tube/tummy was bugging him. Sure enough on Monday it was red and irritated looking with some blood coming out from around it. It was better today but he still was not the happy boy that he usually is. (Although from the pictures below you would never know it!)

Grandpa and sleeping A…

Daddy and A…

Grandma and A….

So today Andrea was here for a few hours and A got his stroller as well!! I am so excited to actually FINALLY have it here to use! It is also going to be great to just have around for him to sit in properly with enough support. It has a tray that comes with it so I can put toys in front of him. As you can see he really enjoyed it! It took Leanne (the lady who deals with the equipment) about an hour to get it set up right and perfect just for him. I definitely recommend this stroller for any parents that are looking at specialized strollers! I have to say though that I have NO IDEA where these companies get their prices from. Leanne gave me the final receipt for this stroller and it was $6100!!!

Staring intently at his singing bunny…

Spotted mommy with the camera!

Need I say how adorable he is?!?!

Tonight I went and picked up the dogs from my parents place. I also brought back my new vacuum and have been so excited to use it!! I was telling my parents about it on Friday night and they got it for me on Saturday and I have been dying to use this thing! It is the Dyson Animal and when I came home tonight (about 11:45pm) I put it together and did the living room! LOL Who knew you could be so excited about vacuuming?! Anyhow, I am TOTALLY AMAZED by this thing! Amazing isn’t even the word for it! JUST from the living room and one hallway I was absolutely disgusted by how much dog hair and dirt there was! (Put it this way, I almost have to empty it for how much is in there!) Even Jeff couldn’t believe it! I vacuum probably every two days and it is SO obvious that other vacuums just don’t compare! I can’t wait until the morning to do the rest of the apartment!