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A Long Overdue Update!!!

Sorry that it has been so long but things have been very busy around here (what else is new?!) and I have gone over my limit of pictures on my blog so I had to erase some older ones and will be buying some new space for more!

So whats new? Well A is still being A. I am on my way working back into the blended diet as I do not think that any of the foods were causing his issues. He still continues to have episodes of going off colour in the day and being fussy at night. Not sure what is going on at all. I have been chatting with the team at sick kids and I finally got an answer from them YESTERDAY of what the teams thoughts were on the video I had sent. Well she said that they feel it is the same thing he was doing inpatient only with teeth grinding and that mixed with breath holding makes things like this happen.

Well I emailed them back saying that what he is doing is NOTHING like what he was doing before at all. I also told her that I did not want to hear the saying “breath holding EVER again”. What A is doing is NOT breath holding and never has been. The doctors know my feelings on this. She also said they wanted to do botox again in his saliva glands. I am not for that at all either because it did not do anything the first go around. So anyways that is that….

A having fun at grandma and grandpas…

So now for the first of some exciting news! A has been doing WONDERFUL with his head control! And look at the big boy sitting so nicely holding up his head with his PT!

I cannot wait to get this kid a new bed!!! I am getting so frustrated with how he moves so much at night and gets his legs and arms caught in the crib. Half of the reason I think he wakes up at night is because of this so in a month this little man is going to have a big boy bed!!

And now for some tear jerking exciting news! The other day his EI worker was here to play/work with him. At the end of every session she colours a picture with him. She gets the paper ready and then will hold up two markers and make him choose what one he wants. Then she will put it in his hand and hold his wrist while he moves it around. Normally he isn’t even paying attention to the colouring at all and is trying to pull the marker back to put it in his mouth. Well this time he coloured ALL BY HIMSELF! She wasn’t even holding his hand AT ALL! I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures and then I grabbed the video camera and taped him. He is SO amazing!

With the finished piece of amazing art work!!!!


A Busy But Wonderful Weekend!!!!

Well this weekend was very busy but VERY fun!!! On Friday night we had our stag and doe which went amazing!!! We made a TON more money than we even thought which will really help us out around here. The turnout was great and everyone had a good time. Here are some pics from Friday night…

A got a t-shirt too!!!

We loved our t-shirts that Aunt K had done for us!

Posing with our best man and maid of honor before heading out to party!

Me and my girls!

Jeff and I with our moms…

The boys…

Me with my brother and sister…

J and I with our dads…

My dad and I at the stag and doe…

My brother and his fiance. I was so happy that she was able to make an appearance to our stag. She is very ill and it was so great to see her there. Thinking and praying for you always Andrea!


My brother and I…

Our best man getting down with grandma S!

Having fun!!

Grandpa S dancing! LOL

Me and my mom…

Saturday…recovery day!!!! A in his pony walker watching TV. He must have held his head up for at least 15 minutes!!!

Aunt K and A…

My bridal shower was on Sunday at my mom and dads place. There was so many people and so many great gifts!!!! I don’t have any pics yet uploaded from then so I will post those in a couple of days.

I had a nice surprise visit today from my friend Vickie and her two daughters Sophia and the new baby Ava. Hopefully we can get together with all three soon…been SO long since we have seen Alina!!!

I’ll tell you, I could not get over how small Ava was and she is about 12lbs!!!! I don’t even remember A being that little. He wasn’t too impressed with mommy holding a baby. And when Ava cried there were a few pouts. He better get used to it because hopefully one day he will get to be a big brother!!!

Quite A Scare

And no, this scare wasn’t A this time. Grandma was here today and I was running out for a little bit to get something off of my dad at work. I took their truck and got two minutes down the road. I was turning right at a light but was stopped as the car in front of me was waiting to turn after someone crossed. I happened to look to my left and there was a car coming straight for me. His arms were straight on the wheel and he was doing about 70 coming straight for my side. Within seconds I stepped on the gas and turned the wheel to the left a bit and moved up. I held my wheel tight as I thought for sure that he was going to take the back end off. I knew there was a lady walking with her baby coming from behind and I looked back and he ended up missing me by an inch, swung hard to the left, went up over the curb and missed her and the baby by an inch! He came to a dead stop on the other side of me between a house and a pole. This happened SO fast. I was so close to death I could taste it. I kinda paused and watched him. He got out of the car, looked at it and got back in. Didn’t even say anything to the poor lady! When she walked up by me I asked if she was okay and she just shook her head. The guy put his blinker on and it kinda freaked me out so I left. I got about two minutes down the road and it hit me. I had to pull over and call my mom collect from a payphone. All I kept thinking was “Oh my god, how am I still alive? A almost didn’t have a mommy.” It was SO scary. There was definitely someone watching over me because honestly there should be NO way that I am still here.

To make things a little more freaky, I just finished reading a book last night called “Suzannes Diary For Nicholaus.” Anyone that has read this knows why today freaked me even more. I started the book Sunday night and finished it last night. Two days and then this. I think I was meant to read it considering I had it here for over a year and hadn’t touched it.

Now for some GREAT news. So A has rolled over twice which I had posted before. Well yesterday I was in the kitchen grabbing his med and came into the room and he was on his belly! About ten minutes later daddy was sitting in here with him and I heard him say “good boy!” Well turns out he missed it because he was watching a show. I grabbed the video camera and started to tape him. And I got it on video!!!! I still haven’t really looked how to download onto the computer but I could watch it over and over and over!!!!

This is how I found A the other morning in his bed…

Tummy time…

Hanging in bed with daddy…

Okay now these are exciting! His physiotherapist lays him down on his belly and brings him up so he is on his knees. She supports his head and then puts pressure down on his hands. When she lets go of his head he normally cannot hold it up at all because of the angle that he is on. Well look at my little man!!

Such an amazing kid!!!!

Almost Back To Normal Routine

Well A is totally back to himself today. He didn’t have the greatest night again last night, and I know it is catching up with me because I didn’t even hear the alarm that I set so I would get up to change his feed! However, not to worry because daddy did hear it and did it for me.

A had a great nap today, something he should learn to do every single day! He slept from 2pm until 5:30pm. It was nice because I was able to get a lot done and when Catherine (my social worker) came over I was able to talk and not have to entertain him at the same time.

A couple pictures from tonight. A is getting so much better sitting up on the couch (with support behind him). He is really into his hands lately and knows that they are supposed to go in his mouth so he is constantly pulling forward to try and do this. A big change with his head control compared to about six months ago. Now he just needs to learn how to get himself back up. Once he falls forward he isn’t able to get back up to sitting.