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A Update

Well A has come off of the vent (was not a fun time!!!) however he is still sounding the same as the day that he was intubated. The doctor from ICU switched his antibiotics yesterday as he has not gotten ANY better and is needing a TON of suctioning. He is having tests done today for Chlamydia psittaci. Long story short, the lady who lived where we are before us must have had two or three birds. It was NASTY to the point we washed the walls, ripped out carpet and replaced it and so on. Well it was the Tuesday A was taken into the place and then Thursday morning he woke up with the fever and then went downhill. Because he has not gotten any better the doc feels it is worth a look into. I was really hoping to have him home by now….but I guess it might be a while. The doctor said yesterday that he “may” have to reintubate. Fingers crossed we don’t go there. The other interesting thing the doctor said was that sometimes kids with neuromuscular disorders and so forth go onto the vent and when they come off have lost their muscle tone that was there. Meaning that this is always a possibility as we are waiting on genetics still. So the suctioning could become a daily need. Praying that it won’t be.