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Protected: June/July…and Today…My Due Date

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Holidays Are Over…..

So our holidays are over now. We headed down to C-town on Friday to spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa S. Aunt K also came down to visit with us. It was great weather and A got to go swimming again!

On Saturday morning Aunt K and I went for pedicures. It was my first time ever getting one and it was so nice!!!

A in his pony walker and getting kisses from Cujo…

On the car ride to C-town…

A sitting outside looking as cute as ever!

Hanging out with grandma…

Pony walker time!

Aunt K entertaining him…

A and Rocco…

Being the silly little ham he can be!

A absolutely LOVES bath time and grandma LOVES to give him baths! He had water everywhere and grandma was a little wet too. 🙂 Grandpa helped out on this one too…

A trying to rock his chair…

We got back late on Sunday night and A went right to bed. Yesterday A was back into his regular busy schedule with appointments and workers.

Playtime with Shelly…

Today was also the first time that he had his auditory verbal therapy with Deb again. She had seen him last before his implant surgery and now we are back at it. With having the implant now, we have to sit around the table with him so that we can all take turns making the sounds or singing to A. He wasn’t feeling the greatest but did a great job. He started to run a low grade fever and his vomiting was starting.

Therapy with Deb…

Burn Rubber baby!

Last night was pretty rough for A. He was up vomiting a lot and it is obvious that he just isn’t feeling well. He had physio this morning and pretty much the whole time he had his eyes closed and was fussing. Liz was also here to weigh him and he is 22lbs 9oz, so down one ounce from the last time. This is the second time in a row that he has lost weight. Not too concerning to me though as he looks very healthy. We also measured him and he is 31 inches! That means that he has grown by two inches since last time!! Could also be the reason he isn’t gaining. Not to mention the fact that this little guy is constantly moving around! I cannot get over how active he is during the day now. If he could get up and run he would!

So the implant was turned up to the next program on Sunday. He has done well with it and isn’t jumping when it is turned on. Deb was very pleased to see how well he is doing with turning to sounds already. I cannot get over how much his being able to hear has changed his personality. He pouts a lot now and can even act scared of toys or different things. This was something that he NEVER did before!

At day 16 of hearing age I am very impressed. I was thinking that I wouldn’t notice anything for a long time but I already can. Recognition and imitation is going to take much longer but hey that is okay because all that matters is that my little man can hear now! I am so amazed at what this has done for him!

Yay For Bath Time!

Well today was a good day but the time change sure did mess us all up around here! Daddy went with Uncle S to Toronto for a car show and A and I hung out at home. He slept pretty good last night. I actually can say that he has been better. His thing now at night is that he gets turned around and his legs go through the slats. Then when he wakes up a little bit and tries to move again he freaks out because his legs are caught and he can’t get them out.

His vomiting is definitely a big issue for me now. Today was absolutely crazy how much he threw up. And when he vomits now he goes completely off colour and it takes him a while to get back up. I am so concerned about his oxygen saturation’s lately. It just seems like it is one thing after another with him and no one ever has an explanation for what is going on.

This afternoon A, daddy, Uncle S and I went to the Storm game. They lost again and it was a pretty boring game. When we got home about 6pm we were all tired so laid down for a nap. A slept from about 6:30 until 9pm and then I got him up for his bath. I can never get over how happy he is when I wake him up. But he was even happier with me when I put him in the tub! As you can see he LOVES his bath. Even after the bath getting dried off he is sooo happy!

Storm Game!

Today A was up pretty early considering he only went to bed about midnight. He was up at 7:30am and hasn’t really slept all day so hopefully he will sleep great tonight!

A and I went to the Guelph Storm hockey game with grandma and grandpa. I haven’t been to one in a long time and thought that it would be fun. I don’t normally like to take A to places that are full of people with lots of germs but he was kept well away from anyone really. He slept on grandma’s lap for a while but other than that he was really good. The Storm lost in a shoot out which always sucks. Considering that they were down 5-1 in the third they did really well.

One picture of A and grandma at the game. I realized when I got home and put the pictures on my computer that I still had the night vision on so the picture isn’t the greatest.

I’m really excited about tomorrow because A and I are finally going to meet Vickie and her twin daughters (who were also in Mac) Sophia and Alina. Don’t worry there will be lots of pictures tomorrow! Here is a link to their profile on a site that I check out every single day! Sophia & Alina

Just a few from bath time tonight…