All By Ourselves…

Well I happy to report that so far not having any workers/therapists coming in has been great. I wasn’t sure how A would react as he can get bored pretty quick with mommy. It has been nice so far not having to check my calander every single morning to see who is coming and at what time.

I received a call yesterday from my case manager about cancelling services and I really think that people JUST DON’T GET IT. I am doing this to protect A from getting H1N1 as best I can. I am not doing it just because I want to. I feel bad that he isn’t having the people come in that normally just come to play but I have to do what I have to do as his mom.

I look at how sick A was just this past little while and knowing that I was very afraid we were close to ending up in the ICU again over really just a “cold” I can’t even imagine what the H1N1 would do to him.

By the way, so much for me thinking I would be able to sleep the other night after getting my shot! WOW, my arm hurt so bad that I was not even able to sleep that night. It was absolutely crazy! Yesterday evening I started to feel “achy” all over as well and didn’t feel so hot however I did read that it is possible to get some flu like symptoms after receving this H1N1 vaccine.

I am off tonight with my good friend to go see the Michael Jackson tribute. Time for daddy and A to spend some good quality time together! Yep I am braving the crowds and we’ll see how I do. This H1N1 has been driving me insane because I am so nervous!


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