First Of H1N1

Well we headed out to Mac yesterday so A could get his first H1N1 vaccine. He will need to get a second one in about three weeks and then immunity is not until two weeks after that. That means approximately the middle of December.

I have decided to suspend A’s services that he gets with the community until that time. And as well, anyone who comes in here that does NOT get the vaccine will not be allowed to visit. This has been a huge decision for me but with how sick he was two weeks ago I do not want to risk him getting H1N1 at all if I can.

So looks like A and mommy will be having a lot of time here by themselves. Gets him out of therapy for a while too! Should be a nice little break.

I went to the clinic here in town with J last night but unfortunately the police had shut it down because there were so many people there to get it. I thought I was going to cry because this is something that I really really want to avoid at all costs. I will be trying to call my doctor on Monday and see if there is any way he can get if for J and I.

When we got home yesterday a lady from Motion brought a stander for A to try out. He looks GREAT in it and I think he really loves it. We have not tried a stander with him for probably three years now. Back then he wasn’t too keen on the standing at all which is why we never did order one. But anyone that is around A knows that he loves to stand up now so this will be good for him.




We haven’t had many kids for Halloween tonight compared to last year. Here is my little man in his costume:



Carving his pumpkin with daddy….



Being silly earlier tonight…check out the shirt daddy got him at the concert the other night!




One response

  1. Love the costume, Elizabeth would be insanely jealous. Can’t wait to get further updates on how the little man is doing.

    October 31, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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