No Hospital Stay…

Well A has been holding his own all week and we never did end up getting admitted!!! This is great because I think he does much better here at home and I know that I definitely do too! It totally stresses me out being inpatient and it isn’t something that I wanted to deal with right now.

He is still requiring oxygen or his saturations stay in the high 70s or low 80s. He is also needing a lot of suctioning yesterday and today. Now any mom that does this knows that it just isn’t fun to do. I have a really hard time because I know how painful it is and it isn’t anything that I would want done to me. When A was a baby and first came home from the NICU I had a much easier time with it. Now that he is bigger it breaks my heart. As soon as he sees the long catheter he starts getting upset. But without the suctioning here at home there is probably no way that he would be able to be here at home.

Pneumonia sucks.

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  1. Justinich Family

    Well, I am glad he is still at home. I agree that most kids do much better at home than in the hospital. Unforunately you have to do the hard stuff but I am sure it is worth it to stay out of the hospital. I hope that this continues and Ashton is soon back to his smiley, happy self and the pneumonia is gone.

    February 22, 2009 at 5:32 am

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