Prayers Needed For Two Special Friends

First is Charlotte. She is 8.5months old and was born at 29 weeks 5 days. She is currently in the ICU on a vent and not doing very well. Doctors don’t really know what is going on and I know how frustrating this can be. She is an absolute doll and I cannot stop thinking of her. The doctors have had to put her on a paralyzing agent because she just kept fighting the vent. Cultures so far for any new issues have come back negative which is wonderful!

Thinking of you Charlotte! Get better soon so mommy and daddy can have you home again! And of course I am thinking of you Kelley and Vann!

Next is Landon. He is one month older than A and was born at 30 weeks. Landon is also in the hospital with issues that the docs cannot figure out. He is needing oxygen but his lungs are clear and is running a fever. When I have talked to his mom Jen, Landon and A have many similar issues which makes me believe that I really need to get A in to see genetics. They are awaiting a possible diagnosis of mito which is just heartbreaking. My thoughts are with Landon and his family!


Now for some exciting news, I have gotten a new toy! It is a digital SLR. Canon EOS 40D and I LOVE it!


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