TONS Of Pictures! I Just Couldn’t Help But Put Most Of Them Up On Here!

Well I am sad to announce that baby Jaxon passed away this morning at 2:43am. His parents were able to be there with him as he passed. This family has already suffered so much and now have more heartache to deal with. They have lost all three of their babies. My heart truly goes out to them at this time.

On a brighter side of life, my little man. He had his last auditory verbal therapy session yesterday for a while. Deb said that she will be waiting to come back until after we find out about his implant and when the tentative surgery will be! She always has tons of cool toys for him and he loves working with her!

Last night I put A to bed and he just did not want to go to sleep. I couldn’t help but laugh at him because everytime that we would go in to check him he was smiling like crazy at us! These pictures were at 1am!

Today A and I headed to Hamilton to have a playdate with Sophia and Alina. It has been a while since we were last there to visit but we were able to make it work for today! Our days with Alina and A are just really busy so it was great to finally get over there. It is so nice to see the way that they interact together.

Sophia bending down to kiss A…

Aren’t they the sweetest?!


Sophia putting stickers on A’s head…

A getting his very first kiss on the lips! LOL (Don’t know whats up with my face in this picture! LOL)

One of the rare findings…a picture of A and mommy! (Thanks Vickie!) And yes, A is standing here with VERY minimal support!

A was getting pretty good at pulling out the plug from Alina’s trach…

Leaning in for another kiss!

Looking at the balloon…

Caught them both smiling!

Alina & Mommy…look at that smile!

Such a sweetheart…

Watching TV…are you comfy A? LOL

This was way too funny…Alina was sucking her hand/thumb and her elbow was by A’s mouth…so he decided that he was going to suck on her arm!

He is really thinking here!

Back to sucking on her arm…

After leaving from our playdate I decided to stop in at Mac. I was really hoping to see Marg since it has been almost a year but of course she was not on. We did however get to see Dr.Shah and talked for a bit. (He was A’s very first doctor in the NICU & a wonderful man!)

As we were leaving from there and heading to the elevators we got REALLY lucky! Almost every single person (besides nurses and doctors) that A had was coming from the other way!! It was so nice to see them. There are a few that we have not seen since A was still in the NICU!

A when I got home from Hamilton…passed right out!


2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! Ashton had a busy day. Hope he sleeps well tonight 😉Vickie

    May 30, 2007 at 3:34 am

  2. Miracles

    Great Pictures!!

    May 30, 2007 at 2:36 pm

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