Asking For More Thoughts & Prayers

Well another sad post today. A family from the P2P group that I am part of is dealing with losing their son Luke. He is only four years old and suffers from a mito disease. The doctors and his parents have decided to stop all of his antibiotics and lines so he is not expected to make it through the night. He has been a very sick little guy and has been so tough through all he has gone through. It truly breaks my heart to hear of such a young innocent child having to suffer the way that he is. P2P is like one big family and I hope everyone can say a little prayer for this little guy.

Jaxon (the surviving triplet from the one family I follow) is still very ill. His parents were called to the hospital yesterday and he was not doing well at all. They had to perform chest compressions twice on him. They have placed an external pace maker so that when his heart drops below 92 it will kick in. His parents have decided to put a DNR on him so that he does not have to suffer anymore if his little heart decides to give out. I just hope that this little guy can do a 360 and eventually come home to his family.

Thank you everyone….


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