Thoughts and Prayers For Two Families Please

Well I have some very sad news about a couple of babies that I follow. Three gorgeous triplet girls were born on March 11th 2006 at 24 weeks. Livia May passed away last night after a perforated bowel or NEC. She died in her parents loving arms. She was the dear sister to Georgia who passed away on April 6th from NEC and the surviving triplet is Nina. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Jaxon was born on March 2nd 2006. He is also the only surviving triplet. His sister Courtney and brother Colin passed away on March 8th 2006. He is very very sick right now. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as well. The latest update is from tonight by Jaxon’s uncle saying that his mommy and daddy were called to the hospital by the doctors. I cannot even imagine the pain that these two families are going through at the moment. To have two children die would be devastating and having the surviving ones sick would be very scary. Both of these blogs are on the side of my list if you would like to read them.

A few pictures of my little man from the past couple of days…


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