21 pounds 3 ounces!

Well it has been a busy two days for me. I feel like I never have enough time in a day to do what I want to do! Yesterday I got A up about 8:30am so that we could drive daddy to work so I would have the car to run a few errands. Grandma got here just after 10am and A was already back asleep! Guess he didn’t like being taken out of bed that early. Lately he isn’t actually getting out of bed until an average of 10am.

I left just before noon to go to pick up A’s new moulds for his hearing aids ONCE AGAIN. I was very upset when I got there because they made the one that he wears all of the time without the lock on the top. And of course the right I didn’t have much hope for anyways. They told me if they didn’t fit then to just call and they would book him in to do new ones. Ya, easy for them to say but I am the one that has to drive there and back every time for nothing!

I stopped at Babies’R’Us on the way home to get A his new car seat. I paid for it and was waiting and waiting for them to bring it down for me. After about fifteen minutes I asked her to call and see what was taking so long for the guy from stock to bring it down. It was then that she tells me that they don’t have it in stock! Ugh I was so mad! The lady then tells me to give her my name and number and they would call when they are in. LOL I told her I wanted my money back instead and that I would come back.

I got home just in time for grandma to head back to work. A was up and he sat in his new chair for a while and watched TV. He loves sitting in it!! He was still a bit on the cranky side yesterday but is much better today. Actually back to acting himself!

Today A got up at 9:30am. Liz his dietitian was here for 10:30am. He has been gaining an average of 11 grams a day for the last couple of weeks. He is now up to 21 pounds 3 ounces! My little porker! I still cannot believe even the size of his legs now…how chubby they are. They were the size of a finger when he was born!

I talked to her about his vomiting but we both agree that we don’t think it is his formula. She also brought new feeding bags that she wants me to start using. Instead of the one bag there are two connected to one line. One holds the formula and the other holds water. I can then program the pump to automatically do flushes at whatever interval I want. It will be a big help because he needs to get an extra 150-200mls of water a day on top of his formula. I am okay doing it during the day but this will help so that I don’t even need to worry about it and during the night will be even nicer.

Andrea was here from 1-5pm today. I got a ton of stuff done around here! I cleaned out our big storage closet today for about the third time this year. Now I have it so A’s stuff that he uses is in there and not laying all over the place. I also got to make a nice dinner without having to worry about entertaining A.

Tonight I went out to get some cleaner for our air purifier and met up with my brother. We went to the mall so that he could find a shirt/tie for his girlfriends grad ball this weekend. The theme is “James Bond” so it should be interesting!

Oh and for those of you wondering, yes I did finish my vacuuming with my Dyson! LOL I could barely sleep the other night because I was so excited for the morning to come so that I could do the whole apartment! Who would have thought that you could be so excited about cleaning?! Anyhow I did finish and I had to empty the container TWICE! And this is from vacuuming ONE TIME! I am so impressed with this machine!

I can never get over these two! We were so worried about Cujo when I was pregnant because he was so aggressive and possessive. We were even told by the vet that we would have to take him to school and if that didn’t help than the best thing to do would be to put him down. So off to school he went and he was the teachers pet! I am so amazed when I watch Cujo with A now. He loves him so much and always wants to be near him. Today it was kind of funny and J and I both had a good laugh. A was sleeping on the couch and J and I were sitting on the love seat. Cujo walked over to us and sat there for a few seconds then walked over to A…sniffed right in his face and laid down on the spot. It was too cute.

And A with Cujo….well he just can’t get enough! Every time he sees him walk by him he smiles or pulls his arms in and has his mouth going like he wants to call him.


3 responses

  1. audra

    Hey Shannon! Very cute pictures of Ashton. He looks very happy! I had a little chuckle about your Dyson. We got one after the wedding, and I was exactly the same way! I wanted to vacuum all the time, and I couldn’t believe how much it picked up!

    March 24, 2007 at 4:51 pm

  2. Emily

    I love to come to your blog and see the happy pictures of your little man. What a cutie!

    March 25, 2007 at 3:03 am

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Shannon,I’m glad Ashton is starting to feel better. Say hi to him for me. Nicole

    March 27, 2007 at 11:50 pm

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