A Pulled His Tube Out AGAIN!

Well today went good. A had a pretty good night and was up just before 8am. Grandma was here for 10am and daddy went out to his friends for the day. I stayed home and relaxed, caught up on some emails and read my new book.

After grandma left this afternoon A and I had some playtime but then he decided he would rather sleep.

Daddy came home about 6pm and I got ready to go out for a bit. I was gone for about two hours and when I got home I get greeted at the door by J in a panic because A had pulled on his tube and the balloon was out! AHHHH! I swear things around here are never dull. I hope now J will listen when I tell him how quick A moves and that he needs his tube covered at ALL TIMES!

So after looking at it (he didn’t pull it right out like he usually does) I turned on the feed and it isn’t leaking. So I have decided to run the feed over night and then take him in the morning to get it changed. Joyce is here tonight so that is good, I don’t need to worry about him getting worse.

I am kind of upset because I had to cancel his appointment with his physiotherapist tomorrow and she was going to be bringing the standing frame that I have been waiting for. And I have to cancel his appointment for his RSV shot. Go figure. I just hope that things move along quickly at the hospital because I can’t stand that place.

Well here are some pictures of A today with his best buddy Cujo and then at the bottom are two pictures of A looking at the bunny from grandma and grandpa. He absolutely loves the thing and looks at it out of the corner of his eye and smiles.


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