A Relaxing Day…

One year ago today A returned to Mac. He was having ALTEs (apparent life threatening events) that we were told in NICU not to worry about. He didn’t have any for the month of January until the day after we got him home, go figure. However Jeff and I were so used to seeing him do this that we didn’t think much of it although it was VERY scary to watch! (It wasn’t until later on that we really found out what they were called and how serious they were.) So he was on the peds floor, and going from the NICU to peds is like night and day. It was very hard on me but I sure wasn’t expecting the whole thing to turn into what it did.

During these spells his heart rate would be between 20-40 and his oxygen saturation’s would be around 20. There would be no chest movement and he really looked like he was lifeless. Now anyone who knows what these mean knows how scary this would be! Yet when A would finally start to breathe you would never know by his behaviour or anything else that something like that had just occurred. And to look back and think of them telling me in the NICU that it wasn’t a bad thing and just to wait and A would come out of them. It wasn’t until later on that I learned that every time that he had one of these spells there was a chance that he would NOT come out of it! More of this story to continue later….

Well not much to say for today! It was actually a nice, quiet relaxing day for me. I got up with A at 9am (bonus!) and we did a little bit of his physio. I then put on one of his Einstein DVDs so I could clean up a little around here. After daddy got up I went out for a little bit and when I got home he went to the Storm game with a friend of his.

Grandma and grandpa came over after the game for dinner. We had spaghetti (yes again, I had tons of sauce left over!) A was really good today and should sleep pretty well tonight considering that he only had one nap today from about noon until 2pm.

I don’t even have any pictures for today! Tonight we watched the videos that I took of A and Alina. Wow I could just watch them over and over again! Those two kids together are just amazing!

Well I am off to bed…


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