Freakin’ Weather!

Well we were supposed to go to Toronto Sick Kids today for another hearing test but the weather made that a no go. I have to admit that I was very frustrated because I already feel like it is taking too long with all of their testing! The longer the wait the longer it will be before he can start learning to hear with his implant. I just sometimes feel that everything takes so long when it comes to A. I just wish people would move faster when it comes to helping him. In the beginning of this whole process they had told me that he would probably be implanted by February. Hmmm well that is just a few weeks away and now our last appointment is the end of March. And he hasn’t even had his CAT scan and MRI yet which I was told would be done in December. I haven’t even HEARD about the date yet. Agh…

I guess in the long run it will be okay because I am so caught in the middle of this whole implant ordeal. I mean I am kind of glad that the team at sick kids wants to make sure that they don’t rush with A because of his history. They want to be 100% sure that A does need the implant. I really feel sometimes like maybe A CAN hear but just isn’t listening. I know, I know it sounds strange but I have voiced my concerns and I am told that I am not the only parent to think this way. That makes me feel much better about my strange thoughts.

It is hard to deal with having a deaf child and you want to do what is best for them which in this case is a cochlear implant. Then the process begins and you start to question EVERYTHING. It is hard to think this way. I mean I was the only one that thought A couldn’t hear in the first place. That has to count for something. And now with the hearing aids there are times that I think that he hears me and yet other times there is nothing. It doesn’t help that he is such a smarty pants! I am glad that I have his AVT working with him. She has been doing this for so long that her opinion of him not hearing much if anything has to count for something as well. I guess just knowing that once they do the implant, there is no turning back and it makes it that much more difficult to handle. Once the implant is done it “ruins” the ear and if it was to NOT work, you can never go back to hearing aids or anything else…sooooo….

I think A’s tummy is a bit sore from having pulled out his tube and having a new one put in. It looks good but he isn’t happy when you move him certain ways. I guess it makes sense though that it wouldn’t feel the greatest. I can never believe how strong my little man is! I would never be able to go through half of what he has gone through!

As most of you know, A is a very happy boy. It isn’t hard at all to make this kid smile and sometimes he is just hilarious. Tonight when daddy got home from work he was doing this new thing with him and A would laugh before daddy’s finger even came down to tickle him. Oh how little it takes to amuse a child…

Every single day A’s personality is starting to shine through. Everyone that knows him has known that he has always been a happy/social butterfly but it is so much more than that now! I cannot get over how smart he is and how he anticipates things before they even happen!

Wow, this kid just amazes me….

Care by parent continued…


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  1. Anonymous

    Shannon, Ashton is so cute! I can never get over how darn cute his smiles are. I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the docs.I know that feeling for sure.You feel like you are the only one that cares about your child and what is happening.Try not to stress over it, everything will eventually fall into place with his implant.Iam so excited for both of you@!

    January 16, 2007 at 1:35 pm

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